Learning to Draw and Paint: an Educational Odyssey

Escape the daily digital grind
Take refuge in a realm of the…
August 24, 2023/by padasor

Painting the Self-Portrait with Nick Chaundy: Mirrors and Magic

Painting the self-portrait is a good 'final exam' for any beginner…
August 17, 2023/by padasor

Intensive Workshop with Charles Weed: April 24 – 28, 2023

PADASOR is very excited to welcome Charles Weed back to Rome.…
January 8, 2023/by padasor

Chariots in the Sky: Leonid Ilyukhin Presented the Development of his Ceiling Painting in Villa Falconieri

November 18, 2022/by padasor

The Art of the Finish: from Theory to Practice

September 22, 2022/by padasor

PADASOR in Romeing Magazine

July 1, 2022/by padasor

Caravaggio and ‘Cabinet Making’

April 16, 2022/by padasor

Presenting PADASOR: the New Online Atelier of the Painting and Drawing Art Studio of Rome

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to learn to paint…
January 20, 2021/by padasor

Learn Oil Painting Online with Interactive Lessons

Two courses on painting a still-life start May 11th, 2020
May 5, 2020/by padasor

Masterclass in Drawing with Charles Weed: May 4-7, 2020

January 24, 2020/by Stef

Renaissance Retreat Highlights from October 2019

November 17, 2019/by padasor

The Fundamentals – A Gallery of Student Work

September 18, 2019/by padasor

Video Time Lapse of Tim’s Six-Session Warm-over-Cool Process during the Renaissance Retreat, May 26th to June 2nd, 2019

July 11, 2019/by padasor

Testimonial: Fay from Greece

A review from a student who came to study with me last Fall, 2018. Thank you, Fay!
July 9, 2019/by padasor

Masterclass in Drawing with Charles Weed: November 26-29, 2019

Charles Weed returns to Rome, Tuesday November 26th to Friday November 29th. Space is limited. Registration is now open.
July 7, 2019/by padasor

Coming April, 2019 – Drawing in Studio and Painting En Plein Air: Masterclass with Charles Weed

Space is limited. Register today!
December 30, 2018/by padasor

Homework: Exploring Color, Value and Flesh Tones with a Limited Palette and a Portrait by Velazquez

At times I've been asked by students what they can do at home…
November 23, 2018/by padasor
Art Studio Rome Online Store

Presenting the Painting and Drawing Art Studio of Rome Online Store!

November 6, 2018/by Stef

Video Highlights from the Renaissance Retreat, September 2018

November 5, 2018/by padasor

Shells, Scumbles, Skin and Glazes

A look at the June, 2018 workshop with Charles Weed.
July 2, 2018/by padasor

Video Highlights from the Renaissance Retreat, May 2018

A look at the week-long oil painting workshop held at Castello di Potentino in Tuscany.
June 10, 2018/by padasor

The Rome Apprenticeship with Charles Weed

January 30, 2018/by padasor

Charles Weed Returns to Roma in 2018! –

The Rome Apprenticeship with Charles Weed: we are delighted to…
December 1, 2017/by Stef

Renaissance Retreat Featured on Jackson’s Art Blog

Jackson's Art—one of the most popular online art shops in the UK—has featured the Renaissance Retreat with a great story and an interview with TJA on their blog.
November 27, 2017/by padasor

PADASOR Courses in Painting and Drawing Start Again September 14th, 2017

Space is limited. First come, first serve.

For details, or…
August 18, 2017/by padasor

The Providence of Fundamentals – Learning to Draw Before You Paint Pays Dividends

Okay, so you never stop learning to draw... but learning something about drawing before you paint can only make painting more rewarding. As I always say in reference to Velazquez: make the drawing tight to keep the painting loose.
May 24, 2017/by Timothy Allen

The Continuity of Light and the Criteria to Capture It: A Review of the Workshop with Charles Weed

From Wednesday, May 3rd to Saturday, May 6th, 2017, PADASOR was very proud to host an international group from Finland, France and Rome for an intensive oil-painting workshop with the American painter, Charles Weed, that focused on the still-life (skulls and shells) and the portrait.
May 12, 2017/by Timothy Allen

Courses in Painting and Drawing Start September 15th, 2016!

August 30, 2016/by Timothy Allen

New Courses Start February 4th, 2016

Figure drawing starts Thursday, February 4th; portrait painting alla prima and advanced painting start Saturday, February 6th. Reserve your place today. In addition: you are invited to join me for a free lecture on Saturday, February 6th at 15:00. For all details, please visit our Courses page.
January 26, 2016/by Timothy Allen

Join Us for the PADASOR Student Show on Sunday, December 13th, 2015

The first student show since 2010 will be held this Sunday, December 13th from 18:00 to 21:00 at Studio Soderini, Via Fulcieri Paulucci de Calboli, 20 E in Prati.
December 8, 2015/by Timothy Allen

How to Calibrate Your Drawing from Life with a Camera, Computer and Image Editing Software

Max Doerner said "it is no more possible to learn to paint from…
October 27, 2015/by Timothy Allen

Painting En Plein Air Along the Tiber

This past Monday I had the pleasure to do a private lesson with…
October 21, 2015/by Timothy Allen

Reminder: Drawing and Painting Courses Start This Week!

Program Update:

Figure drawing will start on September 24th…
September 20, 2015/by Timothy Allen

New Courses Start September 24th, 2015 + Student Show

Registration is now open. For all details, please visit our website.
September 8, 2015/by tja

Summer Portrait Painting in Louisville, Kentucky

It was really good to be home in Kentucky this July to spend…
August 7, 2015/by tja

Review of Rocca Calascio, 2015

Our second trip in three years to Rocca Calascio was another…
June 18, 2015/by tja

Painting alla Prima Workshop: June 12 – 14, 2015

The weekend workshop will take place on site at the medieval mountaintop fortress known as Rocca Calascio in the Apennine mountains in Abruzzo. Sign up by May 15th!
April 29, 2015/by tja

Reminder: Courses Start Next Week, February 5th, 2015

If you have been thinking about signing up for one of the courses,…
February 1, 2015/by tja

Registration Now Open for Courses Starting February 2015

Find out more on the website. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to see you in the studio! Tim
January 8, 2015/by tja

The Many Faces of a Portrait

Sometimes the time allotted is not enough time to finish, especially when you're struggling to surpass what was a great start.
November 22, 2014/by tja

PADASOR’s First Painting Workshop in Washington, D.C.

The hit of the summer was the painting workshop that took place over two days this past August in Georgetown.
September 20, 2014/by tja

News from Our Facebook Page

[rssinpage rssfeed='http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format=rss20&id=…
October 31, 2013/by tja

The 2013 Fall Course Schedule

September 3, 2013/by tja

The Palette of Velazquez

August 31, 2013/by tja

Wanted: Models for Life Drawing and Portraits

The Painting and Drawing Art Studio of Rome is always looking…
August 31, 2013/by tja

Gina and Michayla: Summer School in Rome 2013

A video summary of Gina and MIchayla's three-week summer school experience in Rome in 2013.
August 31, 2013/by tja

Painting alla Prima at Rocca Calascio 2013

A short video summarizing the first PADASOR adventure outside the walls of the ancient city.
August 31, 2013/by tja

Painting Workshop at Rocca Calascio – June 14 to 16 2013

About The Workshop
The workshop will address two kinds of…
May 13, 2013/by tja

Seminario Aperto – Composizioni con Piu’ FigureOpen Seminar – Multi-figure Compositions

January 11, 2013/by tja

Testimonial: Private Lessons in Drawing

Elisabeth had started with me in a group painting class, but it was clear from the start that  some basic drawing was needed.  We decided she'd come for some private drawing in studio. Here is a look at her work.
October 19, 2012/by tja

Open Studio ogni Martedi’, Giovedi’ e SabatoThe Open Studio every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Visita il negozio o conttataci per tutti i dettagli...
June 19, 2012/by tja

Spring 2012 in Review

A look at the work from Caravaggio Part I - Flesh Illuminated…
May 17, 2012/by tja

Destination Rembrandt in Review

My thanks to Rossana, Nadia, Franco, Paolo and Amel for a grand…
December 27, 2011/by tja

Anteprima per 2012Spring 2012 Preview

Velazquez Revisited... in arrivo per febbraio 2012!Velazquez…
December 5, 2011/by tja

Summer Painting Alla Prima

December 5, 2011/by tja

Testimonial: Copying Caravaggio

Michela Ragusa racconta la sua esperienza...
December 1, 2011/by tja

Brushes / Pennelli

November 11, 2011/by tja

Painting Workshop: Portraits in the Landscape

Join me for two afternoons in on the Gianicolo in Rome (photo…
June 8, 2011/by tja

Drawing Workshop: Ambitious Landscapes

Join me for two afternoons in Monte Mario park (photo above)…
June 8, 2011/by tja

My Figure Drawing Epiphany

Cari tutti,

Credo che stiamo ad una svolta!  Scrivo quello…
December 3, 2010/by tja

Campagna & Cicala

August 5, 2010/by tja

Workshop “Last Minute” di Fine Luglio

Disegnare il Nudo e Dipingere il Paesaggio
in Fara in Sabina

July 21, 2010/by tja

Dipingere le Ville di Roma: Una Fine Solare

Ringrazio Rossana, Patrizia, Ilaria, Franca, Valeria, Elisabetta…
June 28, 2010/by tja

Un Gran Finale del Workshop di Disegno: Proporzioni Senza Tempo

Questa mattina abbiamo concluso il workshop di disegno alla Centrale…
June 13, 2010/by tja

Mostra 2010 Primavera:
Dipingere il Ritratto ad Olio

I seguenti quadri sono stati realizzati tra il 9 Febbraio e il…
June 5, 2010/by tja

The Villas of Rome: Painting in Oil “alla prima”

If you have ever dreamed of painting in oil out in the open air…
April 7, 2010/by tja

Timeless Proportions: Drawing the Classical Figure in the Museums of Rome

For those who love drawing the Classical figure, Rome offers…
April 7, 2010/by tja

Discorsi dal Primo Corso – Discussions from the First Painting Class

Siete tutti invitati a condividere ed elaborare i discorsi che facciamo in studio. Per benficiare chi frequenta… e chi sta pensando di frequentare, i “Blogs” sono pubblici. Siete tutti invitati a condividere ed elaborare i discorsi che facciamo in studio. Per benficiare chi frequenta… e chi sta pensando di frequentare, i “Blogs” sono pubblici.
March 23, 2010/by tja

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