Summer Portrait Painting in Louisville, Kentucky

It was really good to be home in Kentucky this July to spend time with my parents and a plus that I could do some portrait sessions with neighbors Geetha (the painter) and Remy (the model).  My thanks to the both of them. (Photos below by family resident star photographer, Dad.)

A note to those who were on the trip to Rocca Calascio this past summer: I tried a birch wood panel for this portrait and have found it much more to my liking than I did the wood panels that we had used.  I should also note that I did use a primer on the wood panel that was oil-based and not acrylic.  Determining if that in an of itself made the difference will require further experiments.

In Puglia as I write this.  Looking forward to returning to Rome and starting yet another season of PADASOR.

I’m hoping to post the schedule for Fall 2015 by the end of August, so stay tuned.

Finally, if any of you were in my Figure Drawing class at the end of the Spring session in 2014, you might remember a girl from Sweden named Saga (In fact, if you were there, I defy you to forget her).  I’ve just posted to my own website and look at the two nights I had last year to paint her portrait.  I invite you to have a look.



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