Testimonial: Fay from Greece

“ I found out about Tim and his studio on Google.  I was looking for a good place to have drawing classes since I always liked drawing but never really gave it a go. I chose two types of classes that Tim offers, ie “the Fundamentals” and “Figure Drawing”.

At the beginning we used different types of pencil in order to draw still life. Within a period of three weeks I learned to measure objects, place them in paper and work with textures, shades and volume.

During the “Figure Drawing”, I learned how to reproduce a human figure from a real model using charcoal. The goal was to place the human body on paper while implementing the rules i learned from the “basics class” regarding measuring, shading etc. It was something I had never tried before and a real experience.

Overall I had a wonderful time drawing with Tim. He is an incredible teacher who will teach you the rules and techniques of drawing with patience giving you time to absorb any new information. Three weeks was too little time and went by so fast, however I learned so much and Tim has definitely boosted my confidence in drawing. Hopefully I will have a chance to visit Rome and Tim’s studio again.”

Note: Fay was a student in the Fall of 2018.  She took with me both group classes and private lessons.