Join American painter Timothy Joseph Allen for an enchanting seven-day getaway at one of several enchanting locations in the heart of Tuscany or Umbria, to paint from life with the goal of creating an oil portrait in a landscape as exemplified in many Renaissance portraits.

Next Retreat: Summer 2024

Now Available as a Pre-Recorded Online Course.

Released: August 20th, 2022

Now Available as a Pre-Recorded Online Course.

Released: December 21st, 2021

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Learning to Draw and Paint: an Educational Odyssey

Escape the daily digital grind. Take refuge in a realm of the real. Learn to draw and paint what you see with care and coordination. An educational odyssey of timeless narratives and illusional spaces await. Registration is now open for the following courses: Life Drawing Book your place at the easel: €17.50 per session THURSDAY […]

Painting the Self-Portrait with Nick Chaundy: Mirrors and Magic

Painting the self-portrait is a good ‘final exam’ for any beginner and an appropriate mile marker for any with years of experience.  As I like to say, you are your best model: you are there when you need you and you work for cheap.  Take all the time you need. Nick Chaundy’s approach to the […]

Intensive Workshop with Charles Weed: April 24 – 28, 2023

PADASOR is very excited to welcome Charles Weed back to Rome.  For all details or to register please visit the following web page: Charles Weed

Chariots in the Sky: Leonid Ilyukhin Presented the Development of his Ceiling Painting in Villa Falconieri

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