Learning to Draw and Paint: an Educational Odyssey

Escape the daily digital grind.

Take refuge in a realm of the real.

Learn to draw and paint what you see with care and coordination.

An educational odyssey of timeless narratives and illusional spaces await.

Registration is now open for the following courses:

  • Life Drawing
    Book your place at the easel: €17.50 per session
    THURSDAY EVENINGS, STARTING SEPT. 14 • 18:00 – 20:00
    SATURDAY MORNINGS, STARTING SEPT. 16 • 11:00 – 13:00
  • The Fundamentals: Painting the Still-Life
    Start your journey in oil painting with a still-life
    4 lessons, €140
    Instructor: Timothy Joseph Allen
    STARTS TUESDAY, SEPT. 26 • 18:00 – 20:00
  • The Portrait from Life: Examining Van Dyck
    Take a deep dive into the technique of Van Dyck and apply it to the making of a portrait from life
    11 lessons, €450
    Instructor: Timothy Joseph Allen
    STARTS WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 27 • 18:00 – 20:00
  • Painting the Portrait alla Prima
    Make a portrait from life in two hours
    4 lessons, €160
    Instructor: Marco Casalvieri
    STARTS SATURDAY, SEPT. 30 • 13:30 – 15:30
  • Drawing the Realistic Nude
    Learn to draw the figure from life
    4 lessons, €180
    Instructor: Alessandro Dupré
    STARTS SATURDAY, SEPT. 30  • 16:00 – 18:15

All courses are taught in English and Italian.

Dipingere il Ritratto FiammingoPainting the Flemish Portrait

Studio Aperto – Dipingere dal VeroOpen Studio – Painting from Life

Studio Aperto – Disegno del NudoOpen Studio – Drawing from Life