Photoshop for Painters


  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate

  • Total Learning Hours: 16 hours in 8 lessons

  • Cost: €240

  • Language: English and Italian

  • Instructor: Marco Casalvieri


This course aims to develop the necessary skills to implement the use of technology into your painting process, learning how to use an image-editing software, how to take references and how to translate them into a finished painting.

By the end of this course you will create one painting thanks to what you have learnt on how to use an image-editing software and how it can be implemented in your creative process.


Lesson 1: Introduction to the course & basics of the software (part 1)
Lesson 2: Basics of the software (part 2), how to manipulate photos
Lesson 3: Understanding photography as a tool, how to take your own references, start of the project: sketch, getting the references
Lesson 4: Manipulating the references, merging them together, finalizing the project sketch
Lesson 5: how to transfer it to a canvas \ how to start a digital painting
Lesson 6: Working on our project
Lesson 7: Working on our project
Lesson 8: Finalizing the project


Computer and Software

You must have a computer with Photoshop already installed.  If you do not yet have Photoshop and are looking for a free alternative, I recommend downloading the open-source software called Gimp.


At PADASOR, we like to encourage our students to use Michael Harding paints.  In order to make it easy for students to try out these paints without requiring a significant investment, I offer all of the paint you will need for an additional fee of €30.

Medium: Oil and Solvent

We will provide you with linseed oil, Tintorsetto (odorless solvent) and a medium holder at no additional charge.

Brushes and Brush Holder

It is best to have an assortment of brushes: flats, rounds and filberts, with some made of hog bristle, an others, synthetic.  Once you have had some experience, it is worth adding some sable brushes to your collection.

To ensure proper care of your brushes, we strongly recommend a brush holder.


The size of your canvas depends on the project.  The art shop above our studio has many canvases to choose from.


Each student should invest in their own wooden palette.  Round or rectangle is fine, just make sure it isn’t too small.


Please bring with you a worn t-shirt to cut up for use as a rag.

For further details, please download the Materials list.

Terms and Conditions

A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.

There is no reimbursement for absences, nor make-up lessons.


Registration is managed through our Course Registration portal.  If you have any difficulties registering, please let us know via email or call/text via WhatsApp: +39 347 263 1033.

If the course that interests you does not appear on our Course Registration portal, it may not currently be offered.  Check the schedule of courses to confirm the dates.

If this course isn't on the schedule, but it interests you, let us know!


Meet Your Instructor:
Marco Casalvieri

Born in 1993, Marco Casalvieri is a contemporary figurative painter.  He developed during his adolescence a strong passion for visual communication, which evolved in later years into a pictorial genre he defines as “imaginative realism”.

Marco currently lives and works in Rome.