Painting the Landscape: from Life to Concept


  • Level: All Levels

  • Total Learning Hours: 13.5 hours in 6 lessons

  • Cost: €240

  • Language: English and Italian

  • Instructor: Timothy Joseph Allen


There is much to be learned from starting a landscape from life and finishing it in the studio.  It’s tempting to call the second act ‘working from memory’ but I believe it is more accurate to call it an exercise in conceptual knowledge. 

The word ‘conceptual’ in the context of making a painting can be misleading.  In this case, it does not mean the idea takes precedence, leaving the painting itself as secondary (the theory is not allowed to outstrip performance).  Instead, it means a manipulation and analysis of the ‘levers’ used to make a painting with an eye on an idea (often discovered) and less on the source, with all said levers operating in the service of depth, volume, light, atmosphere and hierarchy. 

So what are these levers and how does such a process actually work?  This course attempts to answer that.

Our curriculum will vary, with weather often serving as the determining factor. When we can, we will go down along the Tiber to paint.  When weather inhibits this, we will either work on a painting already started or on a master copy, or simply familiarizing ourselves with a palette suitable for the local landscape.



I insist my students use Michael Harding paints.  I’ve used his colors for over two decades and his are easily one of the best paints on the market.  In order to make it easy for students to try out these paints without requiring a significant investment, I offer all of the paint you will need for an additional fee of €30.

Medium: Oil and Solvent

I will provide you with linseed oil, Tintorsetto (odorless solvent) and a medium holder at no additional charge.

Brushes and Brush Holder

It is best to have an assortment of brushes: flats, rounds and filberts, with some made of hog bristle, an others, synthetic.  Once you have had some experience, it is worth adding some sable brushes to your collection.

To ensure proper care of your brushes, I strongly recommend a brush holder.


If you do not have a portable easel, I can loan you one while you are in class.


I will provide you with a glass palette to use when we paint plein air and in the studio.


We will use canvas boards which we will prime.  The cost of the primer is included in the course fee.  Canvas sizes may vary.  Plan on getting between 5 to 6.


Please bring with a worn t-shirt to cut up for use as a rag.

For further details, please download the Materials list.

Terms and Conditions

A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.

There is no reimbursement for absences, nor make-up lessons.


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Meet the Instructor:
Timothy Joseph Allen

Founder and President of the Association of Social Promotion A.P.S. PADASOR (acronym for the Painting And Drawing Art Studio Of Rome), Timothy Joseph Allen is an American professional painter who has been living and working in Rome, Italy for over twenty years. He began his career in 1992, earning a BA in Studio Art at DePauw University and an MFA in Painting at Indiana University, Bloomington in 1998. He has also been teaching at The American University of Rome since 2006.

His medium is oil on canvas and his style and subject matter are principally inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque. Of special importance to his process is painting from life: “I enjoy painting most when the presence of the subject and the limit of time combine to bring a sense of urgency to my analysis, intuition and performance.”

In recent years his work has been pre-selected and/or selected in several international competitions including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Mod Portrait competition at the MEAM museum in Barcelona, the Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition in Barcelona, the World Wide Kitsch online painting competition, and the BP National Gallery Portrait Competition in London.

To understand best what Tim can teach you, please have a look at his paintings and drawings.

If you would like to take private lessons with Tim, please follow this link.

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