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Destination Rembrandt in Review

My thanks to Rossana, Nadia, Franco, Paolo and Amel for a grand expedition.  Though careful steps were planned from lesson to lesson, it was always amazing to see the diversity of interpretation and execution.

There were several key technical discoveries:

  • Rich blacks were achieved with a mix of Ivory Black and Crimson Lake over layers of Red and Burnt Umbers;
  • Flesh was readily cooled and brightened with a Flake White (or Doak’s Flemish White) laid dryly (like a scumble) over layers of Yellow Ochre and Vermillion;
  • Crimson Lake and Ultramarine Blue (or Lapis Lazuli) mixed with Flake White made for much of the beautiful purples.

Perhaps the greatest strategic lesson was developing an awareness of the “hierarchy of the whole;” despite details, keep variety in the service of unity.

Below: some candid photos followed by a series of each student’s painting.